A Curtsey to Blogging

So why a blog? I always thought blogs were just for stay-at-home moms with not alot to do during the day or nomads traveling the world trying to “find the meaning of life” (no offense to all you bloggers out there– I’m one of you now!) 

Some people may “hobby blog,” but I stumbled upon an article yesterday, and it changed my entire point of view on why people may blog, and how it can potentially affect their careers.

To blog or not to blog…

The girl in the article was JUST LIKE ME! She enjoyed her job (sort of,) but knew it wasn’t what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Writing was her true passion, and that’s all she wanted to do– but she needed a solid outlet to do it in! Umm hello?! I felt like I was reading about myself… until I got to the part where she now has a job where all she does is write, and it’s been the most awesome, rewarding experience ever.

I don’t quite have a “vision” as to what this blog is going to become, but I have to start somewhere! Some days may be simply my stream of consciousness. Others may be dedicated to my new role as a mom, cleaning tips, recipes, etc… the exciting thing is that each day I’ll start with a blank piece of paper, and go wherever I feel my keyboard and verbose mind will take me. And that doesn’t scare me at all.


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