So really, how ambitious are they?

When trying to find an available domain name for my blog, I found that many renditions of ‘ambitious soul’ were already taken. So of course my thought was, “Who are these people anyway? Are the thoughts that took us to the name “Ambitious Soul” the same? Some were close, some were not. But they all lead to one thing: your future.

Amongst all the ‘ambitious’ graphic designers and photographers and sports enthusiasts, I came across a website that wasn’t like all the others.

I was met  with a peaceful lakefront photo, looking out at a sunset from a wooden dock. The headline read, “Live the Life you Want…Without a Paycheck!” Intriguing, right? Of course the first thing I think of is network marketing, especially when I see the words “home-based business” that follow. But my brain is taken down a side road when the site begins to loosely outline how to a) buy into a franchise or b) buy a traditional brick and mortar business. And then just as I suspected, it launches into how to start your own home-based business (and of course all the details on this are not disclosed on the site.)

It weighs the pros and cons for all three options and then of course solicits you to ‘click here’ to contact the company for additional information. I’m sure you can imagine me sitting in my swivel chair, twirling around and fist pumping for network marketing, having the “ah-ha” moment I’ve been waiting for. Wait, no. That’s me twirling around in chaos, shaking my fist for the madness to stop.

It’s not that I’m mad at network marketing or that I don’t like it; I actually used to be part of an extremely successful network marketing company. The thing that drives me absolutely insane is when people start in network marketing to get rich quick. I don’t care if you’re selling jewelry or designer handbags or makeup– they are all built the same. If you truly have an affinity for one of those things or the other bajillion things that have direct selling blueprints, I say go for it! But if not, hold out for something truly amazing.

3M’s Post-It notes: a billionaire’s “ah-ha” moment.

9 times out of 10 people fall into what makes them tick. Do you really think Mark Zuckerburg went to Harvard aspiring to create his own social network? Just think about 3M’s Art Fry; he invented Post-It notes on accident!

So sorry Ambitious Soul #1, but I believe ambition is born through passion. Whether it’s a passion for writing or photography, entrepreneurship or apprenticeship, close your eyes and imagine the world as if money were no object. Now shut your mind off to all practicality and realism. Lastly, ask yourself this: what would you do?


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