Planner Personified

ImageI am one of those annoying people who has to have a plan for everything: a plan for what we’re having for dinner for the next week, a plan for what housework I’m going to get done in a given day (which presents itself in list form, so that I can feel most accomplished,) a plan for when we’re going to have more children, a plan for how we’re going to budget and spend our money, and plan for my career, a plan for…well, life.

Looking back to when I was choosing a major in college, I knew (or thought I knew) exactly what I wanted to be: a broadcast journalist. How much more perfect could it be? I loved people, I loved writing, and I loved being in front of the camera. In my mind, by the age of 30, I would be the next Katie Couric, the face America would wake up to every morning.

I quickly found out this job came with three things I was going to hate: an extremely low-paying salary for the first several years of being on-air, having to move around frequently against your will, simply based on where the jobs were (my poor friend had to live in Casper, Wyoming for three years when she thought she’d start out in Orlando,) and being a night owl, many times having to work for several years covering the news from midnight to dawn and beyond.

Once I realized I didn’t want to be a broadcaster, I started searching for a new path, needing a new plan (surprise, surprise.) I knew I didn’t want to take on another major, which I knew meant several more years of student loan debt, so I coasted along, eventually falling into a Public Affairs internship, which after graduation became a full-time marketing position. Did I ever see myself in Marketing? Absolutely not. Did I ever really know what Marketing was about? Double absolutely not.

Four-and-a-half years later, here I am. Still in Marketing. Do I like it? Yes. Do I find it fulfilling? Some days. Do I LOVE my job? No.

The answers to these questions brings me to my current quest to find what I love. Being the planner and the “checklister” that I am, I decided to start the book “48 Days to the Work You Love” by Dan Miller. Pretty obvious title, right? Not only is this book endorsed by Dave Ramsey, who is one of my inspirations, but it’s literally a workbook, outlining tasks each day for you to complete in order to get you where you need and WANT to be in less than 2 months. I opened it and thought, “Perfect! A to-do list? With self realization? This is my kind of book!”

The first chapter talks a lot about people who were forced into a career because of pressure from their parents. Fortunately for me, I didn’t have that issue. However, I was “forced” into a career because of convenience. So the question now is, what is my true calling? What was I put on this Earth to do?

As outlined in the start of the book, in order to come to this conclusion, you must ask yourself, “If I sit and daydream about the perfect career, what comes to mind? If I could do anything in the entire world, what would it be?” When asking this question, work and play would most likely be parallel. If dancing is fun for you, you may want to open up your own studio; if landscaping is fun for you, you may want to start your own landscaping company. Pretty simple…

Or is it? For most people, work and play do not or cannot intersect. We’ve been programmed to believe that the activities that fall under each of these categories having nothing in common. But once you recognize this, you thankfully have the ability to change it.

So here we are, on our quest to find the perfect career… let’s sail.


4 thoughts on “Planner Personified

  1. Laurie Copeman a/k/a MOM says:

    Sailing, sailing over the Bounty Sea……can’t you SEE that your passion is Blogging-Wake Up “E” and smell the coffee. THIS IS nothing shy of excellence, humor and a serious look at the face staring you back in the mirror. If you can Dream it, you can DO it! LOVE YOU! I’m your BIGGEST fan!

  2. Kim Felt Lindy says:

    Your mom is right in every way! Listen to her! You’re talented! Have as much faith in yourself as others do in you! Love you! xoxox

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