Conveyor Belt Love

Passions passing you by? Pull the lever… now!

Last night we had family friends over for dinner to say “congrats” and “good luck” to the 21-year-old daughter who is off to Orlando next month to start her first “real” job. After all the hub bub of getting her confirmed start date and salary, finding the perfect apartment and completing orientation, she can’t wait to get down to Florida.

Is it for the gorgeous sunshine or the change of scenery, after living and going to college in Central New York? Well, of course, that’s part of it. But the main reason why she’s going stir crazy is because she can’t WAIT TO WORK!

Some of us would say it’s because she hasn’t entered the workforce yet, and once she does, she’ll be whining and wanting to go back to the days of 4 hour shifts and her own schedule, only bound by waiting for her wash to be done to put on her favorite shorts or what time the gym’s strength classes are. I understand where this point of view comes from, but knowing this young woman, following her all through high school and college, I know her better. And I know it’s because she LOVES the career she’s entering into.

While in college, she attended the school of management, and like 99.9 percent of the college freshman population, she wasn’t sure what avenue of management she wanted to hone in on. After a couple years, it was clear after a summer internship with a large department store that she wanted to go into supply chain management. Is this something I could see her doing? Walking around a warehouse with forklifts and conveyer belts in her J. Crew pants and Urban Outfitters top? Absolutely not. It was a total shock to me. But the first time I saw her talk about her internship and the possibilities and opportunities that would potentially await her once she graduated from college, it was plain to see she hadn’t fallen into a career but had fallen in love with one. She will be working for a large office supply chain, and although the prospect of staplers and swivel chairs may not appeal to any of us, she couldn’t be happier.

Before having a long-winded career conversation with her last night, I had never thought about a younger person, someone who has been like a little sister to me, being my mentor. But now I know the passion in her eyes and the excitement in her voice is exactly what I yearn for, and what I will stop at nothing to achieve.

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