Planning on Whatever


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I’d like to start this post off by apologizing for my serious case of blogger’s neglect. I realized I haven’t written in what seems like forever, but I’ll admit– the holidays and the proverbial hang over they left behind were a bit much for me this year. But as this post clearly indicates, I’m back in action 🙂

I realize the title of this blog is a bit oxymoronic… “whatever” doesn’t typically hold any weight in a planner’s vocabulary. It’s a word we hate. When we hear that word, it basically says to us, “I’m flying by the seat of my pants and I do not have a plan… at all… and I’m going to take you on this wild ride with me.” This is where I’d say to myself, “Umm… no thank you,” and start coming up with a plan of my own. But thanks to my daughter’s AMAZING babysitter, I’ve started to loosen up a bit and realize that saying, “Yes, please” every so often to these types of propositions could lead to something truly life changing.

Ashley is a super mom. She has two boys of her own and she watches several kids, including Maryn, 5 days a week. She still has time to cook, bake, be an awesome wife and most recently, a top-rated author. Wait, what? That’s right, a top-rated author. And it all happened on accident!

You see, Ashley found her love of reading of guilty pleasure fiction when she read “50 Shades of Gray.” She read the trilogy in three days (that’s right, do the math– that’s a book a day,) and found she was letting her imagination run wild after finishing books. She would lay in bed for hours on end trying to shut her mind off, but it was impossible. After many sleepless nights, Ashley decided there was only one way to calm her mind: she had to write her own book.

And that’s exactly what she did. After researching the ways of an author, finding editors, beta readers and bloggers who were willing to start a “buzz” for her, she finally had the support she needed to publish her first book, “Planning on Forever.”

Her book has been getting rave reviews and has climbed the ranks on Amazon for the past several weeks. Now she’s getting ready to release her second book, “Summer Rush,” and I know that will be just as good, if not better, than her first book. Now she will eventually be able to do what she loves to help support her family. And to me, there’s no greater gift than that.

Following Ashley through this crazy process, she’s taught me an invaluable lesson: sometimes, when you plan on “whatever,” it turns into a plan that lasts “forever.”


To check out Ashley’s book, go to and search “Planning on Forever” or “Ashley Wilcox.” You won’t be disappointed!


One thought on “Planning on Whatever

  1. Laurie Copeman a/k/a MOM says:

    When you begin to put your thoughts to paper, DREAMS are realized. That’s the Power behind BELIEVING what you cannot ‘see’. God plants a seed in all of us in the hopes that we will rise the the potential He has planned for our lives……it’s simply required that we sit still long enough to hear the still small voice within us. SO Excited for All that she’s been Blessed with ALREADY-just Imagine what the Future holds……………stay tuned.

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