Some Things Just Never Change



Nurse K to the Rescue

When my sister graduated from college with her RN degree after four years, I’d like to say I was pretty proud. After all, not only had she completed and dominated an extremely rigorous course load, but she did it all while being on the school’s soccer team and keeping up a pretty healthy social life, one of which I was fortunate enough to be a part of on many weekends.

As I look back, this was what I thought of as the peak of our sisterhood. She had been living with me in our cute little townhouse during school breaks and summers, and now she’d be with me for what I hoped was forever (yes, fast forward to the nights she’d lock herself out or the mornings when she’d leave her egg-soaked spoon on the counter and I may have had a different opinion). But when everything was said and done, I was SO excited for the times we’d have ahead.

The Cat’s in the Cradle and the Silver Spoon

To commemorate her graduation, and my excitement for what was to come, I gave her a pretty eclectic graduation gift. Forget the photo albums and the diploma frames—I bought her a ceramic bowl and a spoon. I know, so weird. But what many may not know is my sister’s obsession with cereal runs deep—so deep that my husband and I were so sick of picking up rogue Kix off the floor we eventually bought her a cereal dispenser. But it wasn’t just any bowl and spoon. I had the bowl personalized with a simple script font to say, “Some things just never change.” And the sterling silver spoon’s etched roses symbolized her iconic middle name, Rose. 

So why the cereal bowl? And why the saying? Because from the time we were toddlers, she has always loved cereal. Just like she has always preferred soccer shorts over jeans. She has always preferred bugs over flowers. And she has always been my best friend… some things just never change.

Back to School

Today marks another exciting day for my sister—she started Nurse Practitioner school full time. Once again, I am so proud, and I know she will kill it, whether it’s in the classroom or her clinicals.

I sprung out of bed this morning and couldn’t wait to text her. My text read, “Happy first day of school! Wish I could ‘ride the bus’ with you!” 

After I reread the message and sent it along, I started to think back to the two years we rode the bus together in elementary school. Being three-and-a-half years apart, we didn’t get a lot of face time with each other during our school days. But as I started reminiscing about the teachers we had, the adorable ABC-lined walls and the snuggly leopard mascot that often stood in our school lobby, I couldn’t remember sitting on the bus with her—not even once. How could this be?! This is the person I meet at Lowe’s at 8:45 at night just for fun—the person I have withdrawal from after a 2-day camping trip.

But I guess back then she was just my sister. She probably sat in the front, and I sat in the back. She sat with the “little kids” and I sat with the “big kids.” As silly as it sounds, this made me so sad. I would give anything to sit on a bus with her today—to chat with her, sing with her, protect her (and for those of you who know us, get your laughs out now; I know she’d be MUCH more likely to protect me). I would give anything for those 15 minutes between the two green seats, just the two of us. Sure there would be annoying delinquents surrounding us, purposely pulling the red emergency levers or banging on the bus’ roof—but it still would have been just us. 

Maybe I didn’t want to sit with her back then; maybe being around her all the time at home was enough for me. After all, she did tend to pull my hair and show me up with her sweet rollerblading skills. But as we all know some things, most things, do change. But her love for cereal? Our bond as sisters? Never.




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